Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Picking the Right Couch

The endless options seem to puzzle you, especially when it comes to buying sofas. The infinite themes, designs, style and shape can be overwhelming unless you know what you need. To save yourself your precious time and energy, check out the following useful tips to start your hunt.

Consider Size

This is a deciding factor because you should buy a couch that must look proportionate to your room. Also consider other items in the room like a coffee table or a chair, where all should get accommodated in a proper way to make the arrangement look good.

For a small room, pick something practical with a strong design that would complement your entire space. For a big room, choose something that would make the sofa the focal point of your room.

Pick the Right Shape

A round shaped sofa saves much space in a small room while L-shaped sofas are great to differentiate the dining space from the living room. For a large gathering, choose something strong and compact like daybed or chaise that would make for a sophisticated look.


Material is an important factor and you should consider functionality before you choose the fabric. Whereas a plush, white colored sofa is great to look at, it’s a strict no-no when you have pets or children at home.

Dark colored leather, which is always in trend is a good option and also provides easy maintenance. Another option to protect your sofa from regular wear and tear is to upholster the couch with outdoor fabric. You get them in various patterns and colors according to your choice.


Customize the position of your sofas according to your lifestyle. If there are frequent gatherings or parties, keep a number of cushions and chairs around the couch so that all can enjoy, either in groups or individually.


If you have a hard time to decide on the style for something that would go with your room and compliment it naturally, better to pick something modern and sleek. Choose the exclusive collection from exclusive furniture in sync with your room ambience and requirements.